Abstract By Carol About Me

Carol Nordeen -- Abstract Artist

Carol Nordeen started painting in her early twenties. In 2010 Carol fell in love with abstract art. She found she could create work that was both beautiful and strong. Working with oils, Carol found she could blend the colors beautifully and tell a story using color and texture.

Carol was born and raised on a small farm outside of Dexter, Iowa. Carol never really appreciated being raised on a farm until she got older. Riding horses, doing chores, walking beans for a banana split, gathering eggs, wading in the creek, was all a part of country life. The wonder it was for a little girl who loved the outdoors with her seven brothers and sisters.

In 1970 she attended a family church camp and surprisingly was born again, which gave her a new found freedom for art and a new love for life. Carol always excelled in art, as a senior she came in second in the All Conference Art Fair for a carving of four turtle doves(below). Carol was blessed with two excellent art teachers who helped guide her. After high school she worked at Younkers photo studio in Des Moines, where she learned about color, balance, and focal points.

In 1974 Carol was married to Dan DePue. Living in Adel, Iowa, she was kept busy wiwth the birth of their two daughters, Danielle in 1979 and Amber in 1981. Determined to stay home with the girls she said these were "the best years" and that raising two little girls was so much fun she felt she was "in heaven". All the while she continued to draw, paint and attend craft shows, often with her father who also enjoyed painting. But, this life was not to continue for in the mid 90’s Dan developed cancer and died.

God’s plan changed again for Carol in 1997 she married Daniel Nordeen, thanks to AOL 2.0. Living now in Lansing, Michigan, Carol began using dried flowers and creating floral designs, which she sold at The Little Red School House in Lansing for several years. Both her girls are now married and live nearby. Carol has ten grandchildren to enjoy.

In 2005 Carol began to suffer with severe back pain. Later finding she had two degenerate disk and Costochondritis. Thinking her dreams were shattered and that she might not paint again, Carol began working with her doctors. Thanks to her doctors, family and friends Carol is painting again and loves it. Throughout all her family’s trials Carol believes the Lord has walked beside her, giving her the strength and courage she needed. She truly hopes it is reflected in her work.

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